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Moving into a new home? Need to remove old furniture and boxes out of the house? Find budget-friendly man and van services with Any Movers to move anything, anytime and anywhere.

How to find a man and van removals services

Transportation services are confusing. There are packers, movers and various kinds of transporters. But all you need is a man to load and unload your stuff and a van to carry your belongings from the pickup location to the delivery location. To uncomplicate things, find a man and van services from Any Movers.

You do not have to do too much to get the best services from Any Movers. Just fill in the above form.

  • Choose the type of goods you need to move from the drop-down menu
  • Fill in the collection location
  • Fill in the delivery location
  • Click on “Request Quotes in Minutes”

Next, wait for quotes to come. Instead of checking prices from every transportation service in the UK, you will find transportation services bidding for your task. You can find a cheap man with a van company that provides the best services. You can get affordable prices from family-run delivery services to large companies.

After getting quotes, you can compare the prices and choose the company that meets your requirements. You can check the company's profile, reviews, and reliability by doing secondary research. Any Movers takes a lot of load off your shoulders and simplifies the service searching. You do not have to look up hundreds of man and van services and enquire prices. You will get the best services and best prices on the platform. Just call the service you chose and seal the deal.

Man And Van

How to choose the best removal man and van services?

To choose the best services, you need to list down your requirements. First of all, what kind of item do you need to move? Is it too large or fragile? Or anything that you need to consider before packing and shifting it? Do you need help with packing? Do you need help disassembling your furniture? Do you need help to re-assemble at the delivery site?

If you are house shifting, it’s best to write a list of all your items. Make a list of furniture or any large items. Box up small and miscellaneous items. Separate fragile items and mark them to avoid damaging them. You will have to be careful with fluid stuff.

After listing down everything, measure your bulky objects and furniture, the size of your boxes and how many boxes you need to transport. After preparing the list, enquire about the following things with the man and van company -

  1. What type of van do they have? Is it Luton style with high ceilings? Or does it have a tail lift?
  2. Do they prohibit any item from transporting?
  3. Do they have insurance cover? What kind? Does it cover your goods?
  4. Do they handle fragile items? How?
  5. Do they provide help with packing?
  6. Is there a helper to help with loading and unloading? How many?
  7. Can they help with disassembling and re-assembling furniture?

Having these questions will clear up a lot of future issues for you. Knowing the type of van will ease loading and unloading. If you have large items, high ceilings will fit your items smoothly. After making a list, you can estimate if all your goods would fit in the van or not.

There are restrictions for transporting inflammable objects as it can lead to accidents. Enquire about these things before finalising your transporter.

Why Leave Shifting To Professionals?

Because pivoting is an art. You could be a palaeontologist, mathematician or any tough-sounding professional. But safely loading, unloading and moving stuff are done best by expert transporters. To avoid furniture from getting stuck at the door or around stairs, finding a professional man and van service is the best choice

We often hear about furniture getting stuck in the door when a group of friends tried to house shift themselves. It’s funny to witness it but not when it happens to you. Your furniture can get damaged, and you will incur more costs solving the troubles that erupted later.

You can avoid this situation with a professional man and van service. They deliver and move items regularly. They know how to deliver large items without damaging them. Also, the insurance would cover damages if any damage does occur.

Tips to avail cheap man and van services

  • Move on Weekdays - Arrange your moving day on weekdays. It's less busy than on weekends and hence cheaper.
  • Right Estimate - Note down the exact number of boxes or volume of furniture you need to move. Don’t forget kinds of stuff in the loft, garden equipment, your bike in the garage and squeeze them in last minute. (Keep your list handy to fit everything in the van.)
  • Get quotes with Any Movers. You can get competitive prices from reliable services. And that too free of cost. Any Movers does not charge you to get quotes and enquire services on the platform. Try it and pay 75% less compared to standard prices.

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