Deliver Large Item Anywhere With Any Movers

Pivoting a large item around the stairs is not a feat you can do with your friends. We help you load, unload and move heavy and large items safely. Find hassle-free services to move heavy goods.

Why hire expert large item transport services?

Moving large items safely requires experts. Any Movers help you connect with experts and specialists to safely transport your items. You can get help moving very heavy antique furniture, piano or some heavy equipment. With the help of experts, you can avoid situations like your item getting stuck under a bridge, getting flagged by authorities for flouting road regulations or possible breakage of your expensive items.

An expert large item transport services can help you transport -

  • tables,
  • sofas,
  • gym equipment,
  • garden furniture,
  • Wardrobes
  • pool tables

With our expert transportation services for large items, you can even get help carrying fragile goods that need careful handlings like antique items and piano. We will match you with the best service providers to safely transport your items.

Large Item Delivery

How to deliver large or heavy items?

You automatically think about courier services when you have items to send across the country. However, not all courier services cover large or heavy items. You spend a lot of time finding transportation services online and end up with some not-so-good results. Anyone looking for these services for the first time gets confused with the jargon. And the high quotes would deter them from even considering the service. Any Movers makes it easy for you to look for a reliable service in such cases. All you need to do is fill up a form.

  • Choose what you need to transport from the drop-down menu
  • Choose what you need to transport from the drop-down menu
  • Put in Delivery Location
  • Click Get quotes in minutes

Then, wait to receive quotes. Believe us you can even get up to 75% lower rates than the standard rates. Try the service now to know.

After you submit your requirements, courier services submit bids. Companies can see each others bidding rates. So the prices are bound to go down. You can choose among them and get your items transported.

How do we manage to keep the costs affordable?

We manage to bring down the cost of transportation with better management and efficient logistics methods. Suppose there is a transport order from London to Manchester. After the delivery, the transport vehicle comes back empty-handed.

The cost of travelling both the distances is equal. If another customer requires transport services to London from Manchester, the transporter can take up the order. They wouldn't be incurring losses in the return journey and even earn more on the route.

Any Movers helps transporters to save costs by becoming the middle agent. Transporting vehicles can then provide services at lower prices, and we help service seekers to find such affordable services.

Get Free Quotes For Bulky Item Delivery

Any Movers do not charge for getting quotes. Avail the service for free and check out the bidders as the bids come in. Check the transporter services profile and decide for yourself whether to go for that bidder. Make an informed decision by referring to customer feedback.

Transporting should not be more expensive than the items. Whether you require to move some heavy machinery equipment or move a large sofa into your home, it should not be too costly. With the help of Any Mover, you can get competitive prices and reliable services.

Before deciding on the transporter, ask these crucial questions to avoid troubles while delivering.

  • How many people will be moving the item? More people are required for loading and unloading if it's a heavy item
  • Is the same driver going to pick up and deliver the item?
  • What kind of van or vehicle for transport is it? Is it a Luton-style van or a tail lift van? Knowing the type of vehicle will help you know if loading and unloading will be possible or not.
  • Is the transporter capable of handling fragile and large items like a piano?
  • Would there be a helper for loading and unloading available at the point of pickup and delivery?
  • After considering all these points, you can finalize your transporter and wait for them to come and transport your item.

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