How to Deliver Furniture with AnyMover

Do you find furniture delivery a hassle? First, pack things up, then look for reliable transportation services for furniture collection and delivery. AnyMover makes it easier for you. Check it how below.

Step 1. Get Quotes

We deliver any furniture of any size within the UK and Europe. Whether you need to move a large cupboard, a dressing table or an antique almirah, we help move your precious furniture to any part of the UK and Europe. And that too at affordable prices.

We provide furniture delivery services at 75% lower standard delivery rates. Yes, we provide heavy discounts on bulky and heavy goods delivery. How do we do it? Suppose there was a transport order from London to Bristol. The truck does the delivery and comes back to London empty-handed. In this one-way transportation, we will be using a lot of time, effort, and resources. If there is another order for transporting from Bristol back to London, we could save on resources. We provide discount prices on some of these routes to be more cost-effective.

And its heavily discounted. Simply fill in the form to receive quotes and avail such discounts on furniture collection and delivery.

  • Choose your furniture or goods from the drop-down menu that you need to deliver.
  • Fill in the collection location and delivery location.
  • And receive quotes in minutes

It doesnt take much time to get an estimate for loading, moving, and safely unloading your goods from the chosen locations.

And believe us, its way cheaper in comparison and way safer.

Step 2: Compare Quotes

You can compare prices with several other shippers and movers. Not just prices but also feedback.

You must be aware of the “shipping nightmares” some unfortunate customers get. Well, not our customers. We provide safe loading and unloading of furniture. We also maintain the condition of the good when on transit.

Dont take our word for it. Hear from our happy customers.

After every delivery, our customers leave feedback. You can go through it to check the level of service you will get.

If you are concerned about your fragile objects, you can reach out to us about how we have dealt with similar goods in the past. You can enquire the transporters about blankets or bubble wraps to safely transport your fragile goods.

Furniture Delivery

Enquiring quotes...done

Comparing quotes...done.

If you feel confident with our services, seal the deal and wait for transporters to come and collect your furniture.

Step 3: Prepare for Transport

This is the crucial step in the furniture collection and delivery process. Pack your furniture entirely to protect the goods from damage while transporting.

Before packing your furniture,

  • it is a better idea to click a few pics from different angles as proof of the condition of your furniture.
  • You can also write down the previous damages or marks on the furniture to ensure you don't get new cracks or breakage on your old furniture. (It will come in handy if you have to claim for damages.)
  • Check for goods in transit insurance. In case your furniture gets lost or damaged in transit, you can claim damages. Also, check your home insurance policy as it covers furniture in transit.

If you have a fragile object, enquire about bubble wraps and blankets from your transporter. You can ask them to carry some extra bubble wraps. Or you can prepare some duct tapes and packing material to keep your furniture much secure and safe for transportation.

After preparing, you need to wait for the transportation team. With AnyMover, you don't have to wait too much. Our transporters arrive on time and start the loading process just as soon. The professional movers will handle your furniture with care and load them on the vehicle to transport it safely.

Step 4: Collect your Goods

Your furniture will be transported safely to the destination of your choice within the UK and Europe. After you receive the goods, check for the condition of your goods before signing off the delivery papers. You can compare the state of the furniture with previously taken pictures and notes of damages.

AnyMovers handles furniture collection and delivery with great care and ensures the safety of the goods while in transit. If in case there are some damages, you can claim for damages. You can handle these procedures with your insurance if you have any.

After you have received your furniture, leave feedback on the service. Feedback helps our transport company to grow. It helps other service seekers know about the level of the service provided. If you like our services or find them lacking in any way, leave behind feedback to raise our morals.

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