Hassle-free transportation of fragile goods with AnyMovers

If you’re buying breakables or selling a sculpture online, then chances are you might require a fragile goods transport company to provide safe passage for your purchase

How to find the best fragile goods courier services?

Did you buy a fine sculpture online or sell some glassware as a bespoke glassmaker? You need the best courier service to transport your finest goods with proper handling. Fragile goods are no easy thing to deliver. They need appropriate packaging and expert transporters capable of handling such packages. 

One easy way to find the best transporters for fragile goods is Any Movers. We have hundreds of the best fragile goods courier services. You can check them by availing of our services.  Or you can go the traditional route of 

  • looking into a directory
  • calling each number and 
  • enquiring about services and prices. 

You can google the best fragile goods transporters and end up with hundreds of results. The plus point is you have too many options to choose from. The downside is there are too many options and no way of knowing which one is the best. Unless you call each of the service providers. It’s a lot of work. With Any Movers, you just 

  • fill in your requirements, and 
  • wait for quotes to come 

Instead of enquiring about every service provider, the courier services will send you their best prices. When you put your requirements, all those transporters that meet your requirements bid on the project. And since the bidders can see all the bids, the prices keep dropping. You get competitive prices that fit your budget

Fragile Goods Transport

How to check the reliability of fragile goods transportation services?

The next thing is to check the profiles of the bidders. You can check the reviews to know other users experience with their service. You can do some secondary research on the company and find out how reliable they are. To know how reliable a transportation company is, you will have to check some of these few pointers:

  1. Experience: How old is the company? You can know this from the profile page. An experienced transporter knows how to transport fragile goods properly. They are better at dealing with customers and exactly understand their requirements. A new company might lack experience, but some do better than experienced drivers. 
  2. Customer Reviews: Read the client reviews to know if the company or the driver can be trusted. With this, you can comprehend the level of service they provide. Also, check for fake reviews. It is difficult to differentiate. But if you spend some time, you can find which company to trust.
  3. Insurance: When contacting the company, ask if they have any insurance cover. If yes, then do they cover your goods too. Knowing this will help with the losses.
  4. Association: Check if they are part of any association like the National Couriers Service. This will assure you of the legitimacy of the business. However, it doesn’t guarantee the level of service. 

After checking the reliability, you can contact them and give further requirements. You can assign the job only when you have confidence in the company.

How to prepare for fragile goods couriers?

Have you experienced getting a botched-up package with labels like fragile, keep up, keep dry? Such nightmares are bound to happen with an inexperienced and unreliable transporter, even if your goods package is correctly labeled. Also, such incidences can occur because of improper packaging.

When buying any fragile item, choose a transportation service fitting the price. If you need to transport an antique Tang dynasty vase but choose a random transporter offering you the cheapest price, you will end up with a broken vase or no vase at all. Find a service provider reliable enough for the job. 

Next, click the picture of the item before packaging as proof of the condition at the time of packaging. Check for previous damages, if any, and make a note of it.

  • Follow these instructions when packing -
  • Pack the fragile items with bubble wrap or polystyrene
  • Secure the items in the box
  • Make sure the items do not have space to move
  • Provide enough padding in between when stacking fragile items 

Fragile items of different sizes, shapes, and materials require different kinds of packaging and also specialists to transport them safely. Items like a grand piano, large paintings, or pieces of china need different kinds of packaging, furniture delivery, and transportation services. Enquire with the transporter if they are capable of transporting your fragile goods. 

How AnyMovers help find the best services for fragile goods transport?

The best service is the one where you save cost and the transporter safely delivers your item. And Any Mover helps you get this best service. You will get the most trusted transportation company in the UK and Europe on our platform. 

We help find the best services at affordable prices because of transparency in the bidding process. You can see the bids of the bidders. The bidders can see the quotes made by others. This makes the process competitive, and you get the best prices. 

The transporters don’t lose on anything as they are only filling up their vacant slots in their back journey. Most of the time, the returning vehicle is empty after making a delivery. But the transporter incurs the same expense both ways. It is a loss to the transportation company. Any Movers help them find customers to fill these backloads. 

It’s a win-win situation for both customers and transporters. Both sides end up saving costs with free quotes from AnyMovers. As a user, you will save 75% of the standard rates. Try the service now to cut on your expenses!

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