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Easy Car Transportation Services with Any Movers

Whether moving in the UK or out of the UK, you do not have to leave behind your car. Any Movers can help you with transporting your vehicle anywhere. You might have recently bought a car or need to send your old vehicle for scrapping. You could be a specialist garage and need to send the car to your client. Whatever your needs are, whether you need to send your car for scrapping or repairing, Any Movers come in handy with safe transit and competitive prices.

Fill in your requirements, and we will connect you with a specialist for car transportation in the UK. You can also find European Car Transportation services. You don’t have to get confused with jargon. We simplify the process and find you reliable services matching your needs. You can then proceed with transport services hassle-free.

Car Transport

How to transport your car?

Car transportation is more complex than transportation furniture or goods. You need papers in order to safely and legitimately transport your vehicle. If the car is not road legal or lacks the appropriate documentation (since your car is antique), you will have troubles while transporting.

If your car is road legal, you can get it driven to the destination by a professional car delivery driver. It is often the cheapest method.

Another way is to get your car on the trailer. The automobile will be delivered using trade plates. These are temporary plates issued to motor trade businesses that help transportation companies to drive or move the vehicles without registering them.

For more cars, a car transport service is a better option. Such services will include larger auto transport trailers to carry multiple vehicles. The costs also vary depending on the type of service you require.

  • Flatbed open trailer - These type of transporters costs less. But do not provide much protection to your cars.
  • Enclosed trailers - These transporters are expensive and provide protection to the vehicles inside. It is preferable for transporting luxury vehicles, F1 cars, or similar prototype cars.

It will be ridiculous for you to pay £££ to get your old car scrapped. Or to expect to pay £ for your million-pound car prototype. Any Mover helps you match the required type of transporters and get competitive prices on the services.

Shipping Car Overseas

Moving cars abroad or moving cars inland, both tasks need a specialist to handle shipping documentation. A specialist car shipping company will advise on shipment procedures and safely transport your automobile. There are two main options for shipping cars -

20 or 40 ft shipping container

This option is the safest way but certainly not the cheapest. Cars will be loaded inside a shipping container and then shipped safely to the destination.

Roll-on/Roll-off car shipment

In this method, cars are driven onto the ship and secured on or beneath the deck. This option is much cheaper and is opted for by large vehicle manufacturers.

How to transport your car in a budget-friendly way

Start looking for reliable services at least two weeks ahead for a budget car delivery service. It will help you find trustworthy services. To bring down the cost,

  • Find returning ships - You could look for ships or transporters making a return journey and have a few empty slots.
  • Carpool - Find people who are are also looking for transportation services for your delivery location. It will help you share the extravagant cost of transportation.
  • A mix of services - Find a service to drive your car or transport your vehicle to the port. Find a separate shipping company to transport your vehicle via sea. And lastly, have a different transporter deliver your car. It might be a lot of work, but you might end up saving costs.

All these tricks might help you find a good service, but you will end up working a lot. With Any Movers, you will not have to sweat anything.

Sit back and relax while you choose from the plethora of affordable services. You do not have to carpool or enquire about return journeys. Transporters will provide competitive prices based on your requirements and safely transport your car to the destination.

Instead of you looking for scheduled ships with empty slots, transporters that have extra space in their backloads will match your requirement and send you a quote. It’s a win-win situation for both transporters and you who need a low cost and hassle-free service.

Getting a reliable service is much easier with Any Movers. Just provide car transportation details and wait for quotes. You will have to state your requirements such as-

  • Collection Location
  • Delivery Location
  • No. of cars to transport
  • How urgently you need the work done.

After you put in details, several transporters submit bids for the job. You can check the quotes and choose a service that fits your requirements. Usually, it takes a minimum of three days to arrange a car transportation service.

Things to note when transporting your car

Handing over your precious car and not getting it back in good condition or not getting it back at all. Well, things can go downhill when transporting. Your automobile can get damaged by nature, stolen, and even destroyed by some accidents.

  • Insurance Cover - Insurance can help you to recover your losses. Before assigning the job to any transportation company, ensure that they have sufficient cover for your vehicle.
  • Evidence - Before sending your car for transportation, click a few photographs of the vehicle. Also, note down even the micro damages or marks on the automobile. It will help you to compare the condition of your car after delivery. You can claim for damages if it gets damaged in transit.
  • VOSA Rules - Also, take note of VOSA rules. The gross vehicle weight (GMV) should not exceed 3.5 tonnes. GMV is the weight of towing vehicle, the trailer, and cars loaded on the trailer. If it exceeds 3.5 tonnes, the transport firm will need an operator’s license.

All these pointers come after you have selected a transporter. A bigger question is what if the chosen transporter is not as reliable as they seem.

Check the company profile before assigning the job. You can check if they are a part of the Car Transport Association. It’s an association representing individuals and companies providing transportation services in and across UK and Europe.

Any Movers help you find reliable car transportation services, a budget-friendly solution, and peace of mind during transit. We have 100s of specialist car transportation companies that can match your requirements. You can get the best in the industry with a few clicks. So, why hesitate. Click away.

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