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Why Choose Any Movers Courier Services

A Christmas gift, a leftover item, or an expensive vase you bought on e-Bay, you might need delivery service anytime. Since you don’t know much about parcel services, you would choose the standard delivery that your family has used for centuries. They deliver your goods fastly and safely too. But most of the time, your parcel is either too big or too heavy. And the low volume and quantity do not qualify for commercial haulage services. Courier services can help with delivering such goods.

Courier services offer a safe transit. There is a lower chance of goods missing. In most courier services in UK,

     You deliver the package to the local depot

     It is segregated according to the destination

     It is sent to the depot in the destination area

     It is picked up from the depot and sent to the delivery location

When using a traditional delivery service, your parcel can travel to a max of 10 depots before reaching the destination. It increases the chances of breakage. Courier services have a dedicated network for your package with minimum handling. There is less number of transferring that allows safe transport of your courier and even same-day delivery. The downside of courier services is the high price. But with Any Movers, you can find several low-cost delivery services.

Courier Services

Cheaper courier services in the UK and Europe

Any Movers help you find the cheapest courier services. You just have to fill in your requirements and click “Receive Quotes in Minutes”.

Soon you start getting quotes from all over the UK and Europe. You do not have to call each and every courier service provider. Instead, the delivery services send you their best prices. Whenever there is a new quote, you will be notified via email. You can then compare the prices and choose the deliverer that meets your requirements most.

There are two types of courier services -

     Economy Service - Economy courier service costs less and takes a long time to deliver. You can choose this service to reduce your cost. If you do not have an urgent requirement for your package, this service is perfect. Your package does not get lost in transit or get damaged in any way. Although economic, the package is handled with care.

     Express Service - If you have an urgent requirement, express service is the best choice. With express courier service, you can get your package within the same day. It’s a bit expensive but cost-effective to match your urgent requirements.

Another way to cut down your cost is to choose the right type of transporter. Choose a local courier service if you need to send a parcel within your local area or district. Local parcel services take less time to deliver as the distance is less and they also cost a lot less.

When sending parcels abroad, keep note of size restrictions. Different parcel companies have different size and weight restrictions. The approx size and weight is -

     120cms wide,

     60cms high and 60cms deep, and

     under 30kgs in weight

How to Prepare your package

A sturdy box, some brown tape, and some bubble wrapping for extra protection. If your item is small, you can pack it in a box and secure it with tapes. If the item is delicate, an extra coating can prevent any damage during transition.

Before you pack the item, you should always click pictures of the condition of the item. You should also mark all the minute details of the item.

If you have large items to send, take advice from your courier company. They will guide you on how to properly package them as they have hands-on knowledge of what gets damaged on the way. Disassemble your furniture, garden equipment, other large items before packing them. Wrap them up with bubble wrap or a blanket to cushion the item from a possible collision.

Before sending your package for transportation, enquire about insurance cover. Most courier services have Goods in Transit insurance to protect the cargo. You can ask the service provider the level of the insurance cover and whether it is sufficient to cover your parcel.

If your transporter does not cover your parcel, you can ask them to increase the level of insurance. You will have to pay additional fees to get this done. It’s better to get your items insured rather than it getting damaged and incurring losses.

Collecting Your Parcel

You need to check the condition of your parcel before signing the delivery forms. If you sign the papers without checking the condition of your goods, it will be difficult for you to claim insurance for your damaged goods. You can use the pictures that you took before packing the goods to match the condition of the delivered item.

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